Junk #1

As I write this first post of mine, I’m not quite sure if I’m spelling “quite” right or am I writing “quiet” instead because it’s been weeks since my eyes reminded me about getting my eyes checked and finally wear eyeglasses. I’m still in denial that I’m not one of those people who have four eyes  or those who wear one just to look nerdy or serious.

People who are into sports usually say they’re out of shape whenever they’re not in good physical condition. Perhaps I can say I’m out of shape in terms of every condition I guess. First, it’s been more than a year now since I last ran, given that I used to be track and field player. Second, my mind emptied out on all the creative ideas that used to just randomly overflow. This is one reason why I stopped writing for months now. But I think the more perfect reason as to why I stopped writing is because I failed in the one aspect in which I thought I was good at and passionate about. I used to be passionate about running too, before I failed. You see that’s the thing about me, once I fail in something I love to do, I quit.

Lately I see my friends checking one by one their list of to-do’s that will lead them to greatness. But why does it seem like I haven’t checked even 1 from mine? I can’t help but ask when will it be my turn to have my big break. But let’s see. Opportunities never run out. Maybe mine’s just around the corner. But I can’t get out of the house right now to check that corner cause I’m sick like literally sick. So hope you guys will keep up with my journey! Till my next blog…


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