Love like ours



Happiness is something a lot of us long for now a days. Some buy themselves material things to inject some happiness in their life. For some, spending time with the ones they love makes the word happiness a little more real. But for me, I felt real happiness for the first time when I was kid. And it wasn’t because I bought the latest toy, or the coolest bike, but because I finally had my first dog. 

I remember begging my mom for years telling her “Mom! If you buy me a dog, I will feed her myself, groom her myself, and walk her myself.” I actually kept that promise. And so the day came when the beautiful creature arrived at our home. A creature as small as a rat, tugged in my brother’s arms, such a beauty. We all can’t decide what to name the cute little pug because no name was close enough to fit the cuteness of the small creature. And so we all decided to call her ‘Dirty’ because when she was born, she was the dirtiest among all her siblings. 

There wasn’t a day when we didn’t play like sisters. I taught her how to jump as high as a medium dog could, I put her to my bed secretly while my parents are asleep for they did not approve of her sleeping inside the room, I trained her to bite people who are fighting me but she ended up biting my brother because she thought we were REALLY fighting when we were just wrestling. That’s how close we were, like real sisters, chasing around each other. And when you first bore your 3 cute little puppies, I was there to make sure you wouldn’t feel a single pain and that everything will fall into place. 

And today is the first 15th of May that I would be spending without you in my arms. Although I knew from the start that you wouldn’t live forever, I didn’t know you wouldn’t last for more than 8 years ’cause I was kind of hoping you’d see me graduate college and I would get to have more nights cuddling with you. I’ve always thought of you as a real human and not a dog. A human who lacks a little bit of nose bridge, a human who has a short, curly tail behind her, who has a ton of wrinkles on her face and is in need of a serious botox. Dogs are also humans who will wipe away your tears and make you feel happy in every way possible when you feel like the world is on your shoulders and make you feel worthwhile again. But the only difference between a human and a dog is that a dog will love you more than she loves herself no matter happens. So Dirty, Happy birthday and thank you for loving me for than anyone else and more than your food and I’m sorry if ever the love I gave you wasn’t as much as the love you gave me. There will never be a love like ours.



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  1. akrobson · May 19, 2014

    I totally understand how you feel. My dog passedlast year, and I feel like I lost a piece of myself. A very sweet dedication to Dirty!

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