Timelessness of the sea

Time has always been a friend of mine, a constant reminder of how I should spend every minute of my life. Like most people, I bring my phone as frequent and mandatory as I bring with me my underwear. Not because I can’t survive without talking to my friends or that I cannot resist that tingling feeling whenever I don’t open my twitter. But because of time. I know there’s such a thing as a watch, but I don’t get why I don’t wear one. Maybe because I sweat easily and I just hate, hate having a sweaty wrist. Why does it seem like time is staring at me every time I sit on my couch, just watching TV and munching on the fries I just called on delivery? 

When people say we should find what we love doing the most, there are a couple of things that pop into my head. Surfing 5-foot waves in the beautiful waters of the Pacific ocean, biking around the city and to the grocery and back to my place, running and feeling the adrenaline in your body that keeps you going, reading books that are far better than the best movies ever produced, paddling out to the open sea with fresh breeze rushing across your face, those are the things I am passionate about. It might seem shallow to some or maybe to all, but I’ve found the things I love doing the most. Isn’t that what life’s all about? What greatness is all about? Because for me, it doesn’t matter how many essays or reports I write to get accepted in a job I don’t even have the heart for, or how many strangers I meet asking me “why should we accept you?” and so many other people wondering and finding more reasons why I’m not cut out for something I work so hard for, it doesn’t matter as long as the sea won’t run out of waters and waves worth coming back to every time I feel like I’m not good enough for anything. 

I’ve been pressuring myself for years now thinking time is running out and I might be stuck forever doing things I never dreamt of doing. Or time running out for my dreams to just remain as dreams. I hope luck will finally be on my side and it’ll be my turn to show everyone what I’m really passionate about. I believe it’s all about luck and good timing. My big break is just around the corner.


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